Dawn Richard continues to prove there is no artist like her, unleashing a visual movement following the first ever VR Concert with visuals to "Wake Up" and "Not Above That" with the latter being one of the first VR Music Videos created. Dawn shows us that the future is now and she is creating it. 

DΔWN's artistry continues to break barriers, offering new ways to bring the world music while continuing to be one of the hardest working artists out, she shows the world that 'The Indie Experience' is not one to be overlooked. She continues to break through boundaries, and does it while being very involved every step of the way, going as far as setting up her stage set on tour. With the release of Redemption[Heart]; the third and final installment in the 'Heart' trilogy, Dawn offers a USB Necklace designed in the shape of her logo's triangle, a unique way of releasing the album.

Following the release of Redemption. Dawn plans to release more visuals and experiment more with VR and also more animation, following her projects with Adult Swim.

Nathan DanteComment