Digital Art Emergence

As newer technology emerges, there are newer ways to create art. Tablets have become a major part of the way we go about our daily routines, making way for tasks to be created, worked on and finalized while on the go.

The art scene itself has seen an emergence of work created with the use of a tablet and a stylus. Rashad Graham makes use of this platform to create various pieces inspired by various moments in Pop Culture. It can sometimes take hours to a whole day to finish one piece, according to Graham.Different canvases. Different tools. Different platforms. It all comes together in art. Whether its drawing, painting, sculpting or forms of photography, many things take form with the start of each creation. 


 Artwork by Rashad Graham [@urbanvisionary_ on Instagram]

Artwork by Rashad Graham [@urbanvisionary_ on Instagram]

With the digital aspect of artwork, a sketch can be the groundwork for many di erent creations; a painting; a drawing, the blueprint being a sculpture. Its all connected. Having the access and the freedom to create on the go, makes it easier to edit and finalize photography, sketches and more. This allows for more cross platform creations.

A photograph can be the groundwork in a digitally created painting or even painted with a variety of mediums. A painting with vast details showcases lifelike similarities reverts itself back to what seems to be just a photograph.

This emergence has integrated itself among what artists were once used to and now allows for continuous differences in artwork. ▲ 

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