Designer - Pedro Neto


HAILING FROM OPORTO, PORTUGAL, FASHION DESIGNER PEDRO NETO plans to further Portuguese fashion and make some noise internationally through his minimalistic pieces. Through family connections with the fashion industry, Neto was immediately drawn to fashion design and later gravitated towards simplistic themes like keen shapes, solid colors and noble fabrics. His designs showcases airy designs laced with a very calming aesthetic that simultaneously exudes sheer confidence through solid, darker colors. Inspired nationally and internationally, Neto is determined to spread his designs globally for mass appeal.


With the help of his close assistant Filipe Reis, Neto sees fashion as being more about the designer’s choice and gut instinct no matter what challenges may lie ahead. Neto took time to speak with ELSV about his upbringing, future endeavors and his personal opinion on what exactly it means to truly be “elusive”.

“Nowadays being elusive in fashion is more about the designer’s choice of what they want to develop in their collection. My opinion about this subject is that designer’s should follow their instinct and go with that idea no matter the circumstances.” Pedro Neto on ELUSIVE.

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