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Minimalism in art bears a very impersonal and anonymous effect in its outward appearance. Although, the proverbial phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” hovers in the depths of one’s mind, it leaves an infinite amount of mystery for the observing eye. - Joshua Stowers, Art Director


Deriving from a single point or origin; it is the beginning, the start of what is to transpire. Consistently moving in progression towards another point, spiraling into something or creating a new origin, a new destination that follows the same sequence.  - Nathan Dante, Editor In Chief


As an avant-garde movement, neo-futurism is a reshaping of not just the visuals or logistics of a society, but also the rethinking of a foreseable future where new concepts and technologies will provide a better quality of life for civilians. Imagine a civilization where skyscrapers aren’t simply skyscrapers, but moreso pieces of an existing city situated in the sky above ground. - Joshua Stowers, Art Director


Finding a calm in the middle of a storm, while looking for solitude in a quiet silence surrounded with chaos. Two perspectives created to meet somewhere in the middle. A destination, two paths to arrive, two choices that can equate to one answer.  On one hand continuing on the path that you’ve taking already and has gotten you where you are; on the other hand, taking this path into a new direction to face an unknown, challenges or road blocks but still having eyes ahead on where both paths should lead. Which path do you take? - Nathan Dante, Editor In Chief