ISsue 6 - submission deadline july 27th 2018
Issue 7 - submission deadline october 26th 2018
issue 8 - submission deadline february 21st 2019

THEMES: a take on what life (in art, fashion/style, design & architecture & entertainment) looks like in the future; futuristic vibes, metallics, sci-fi

once approved for publication to eLSV magazine. we will require: all team credits, model & agencies involved. high resolution 300dpi min image files in jpg format. please do not request a cover. cover selection is approved by editor-in-chief once submissions are in.

Pull letters may be given on specific requests / special projects. 

final decisions are based on the quality of your submission and space available.


ELSV MAGAZINE is published quarterly

FOR EDITORIALS, PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT THE issue's themes as it tends to change.
ELSV magazine is looking for stories that hasn't been published previously or released publicly.

  • submissions of photo spreads can also be submitted with written articles and must contain10-20 images (up to 20 for editors choice). with a minimum of 3-5 looks. (each image should have a different style and look and not be repetitive). articles must contain at least 800 words.
  • minimal & futuristic concepts and ideas is a must visuals and fashion films can also be submitted; as well as Behind the scenes for an extended feature online.

when submitting your editorial. please include PDF format medium res preview with description of scenes. team and wardrobe credits and article to with the subject of ELSV MAGAZINE editorial submission

disclaimer: elsv magazine does not supply free copies of the magazine due to print costs. we can provide links to our online pdf format or information where to purchase. we are not liable for any costs that may occur at your shoot. please carry out a shoot if you have the necessary means and insurance to cover any unforeseen damage. please stick to the deadline and have any necessary model released forms submitted if needed.